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Make money out of thin air.

Join the more than 70,000 retailers who have discovered a simple, no-cost way to make additional revenue out of air! It’s easy with a selection of tire inflation and vacuum stations designed to serve more than 250 million drivers in the United States.

With our convenient turnkey revenue-generating system, we own, install, maintain, and even replace our high-performing machines at absolutely no cost or inconvenience to you. You enjoy “pure profit” from day one, thanks to our simple, straightforward revenue sharing model. Our machines are continuously monitored by satellite and routinely maintained by our staff of highly trained service technicians as part of our certified Total Service Program. While we strive to prevent problems before they happen, our guaranteed 72-hour emergency service ensures that any equipment issues that may arise are cleared as quickly as possible.

Eye-catching, convenient, and easy-to-use tire inflation and vacuum stations are a great way to attract new customers, build customer loyalty, and boost revenue. Choose from several attractive, free-standing models that best suit your venue and the needs of your customers.

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