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AIR-serv Tire Inflation and Vacuum Equipment

Reliable. Easy to Use. Looks great!

Motorists depend on AIR-serv air machines to provide them with air when they need air. Our tire inflation and vacuum equipment is of the highest quality available today.  It’s reliable, easy-to-use, and looks great! Our retail partners are proud to provide their customers with AIR-serv’s “air that’s always there.” AIR-serv air and vacuum machines not only enhance your customers’ experience but also enhance the appearance of your location.

And, as AIR-serv’s new AIR for Charity program rolls out to thousands of retail locations, our air machines will increasingly display the AIR for Charity and Feed My Starving Children logos. Those logos tell your customers that you are giving them a remarkable opportunity to save the lives of severely malnourished children simply by keeping their tires properly inflated. You build invaluable goodwill in your community.

As an AIR-serv retail partner you can choose between traditional coin-operated machines and those with both coin-operated vending and with contemporary credit and debit-card readers. AIR-serv credit-card vending technology makes “airing up” at your location even easier for your customers and more profitable for you. Our machines accept all major credit cards, using both “swipe” and “contactless” capabilities. We know almost instantly if glitches occur, so we can resolve them almost as quickly. “Cashless” vending is secure both for your customers and for you.

Learn more about how to serve your customers with AIR-serv air by calling 800.247.8363 or e-mailing sales.support@air-serv.com.

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with credit card reader

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AIR for Charity


Air Pump Helping People_1.jpg

AIR for Charity

with credit card reader






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